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What is Server Error? How to find & fixed the server error 5xx using Google Search Console?

At the moment say in Google, then say in someone's website or because of Google's new algorithm, that an error has run, which is called Server Error 5xx. A lot of bloggers are worried about why this is happening, and how to fix it. Let us know in detail how to fix Server Error 5xx on your website?
how to solve server error 5xx in google search console

What is Server Error 5xx?

Server error is that, when you go to a webpage or to a website. And there you get page brake. So it is called server error. To put in simple language, suppose we go to some house, to meet a person and that person is not found in that house. If he has gone to a different place, then this is a server error. Like you go to a webpage, which you are seeing in Google, but when you are going to that page, you are seeing a broken link there. That is to say, that the page is not showing anything, the page is empty or 404 is showing empty, it is a server error.

How to find server error using Google Search Console?

Step 1: Go to Google Search Console and login with your email.

Step 2: Now go to Index section and click on Coverage.
google search console coverage
Step 3: Click on Error option which is in the red color.
contentking http status codes faq 5xx server errors index coverage gitesh geeky blog
Step 4: You can see the server error above, just click on server error details and do copy of url.

Go to next move below --

How to fix 5xx server error? or How to fix server error 5xx on search console?

It may be two or three reasons, which is happening. You already know what a server error is? Let's discuss, one by one for solving this error.

By solving through Robots.txt:

First of all, check the robots.txt file of your website. It should not happen that the page in which you are getting this error, you have blocked that page by robots.txt. So you check your robots.txt file, update it properly. And wait for 2 or 3 days, because it takes time to update in Search Central or Search Console.

Normal Robots.txt Format:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Sitemap: https://yoursite.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

Website updating & Crawler or Spiderbot visiting time:

Sometimes this error also occurs because when your website is being updated or at the same time crawling bot, such as Googlebot, Bingbot, Applebot or Yandexbot come to your website for till, then your website If found down at that time. So this server error show starts happening. So don't worry about it. It may or will be fine after sometime.

Solving through Search Console:

You have just read above, that there is a server error. How to find it in your website. Obviously, you must have copied the URL. Now let's talk further than that here. Now our question was, how to fix server error with the help of search console

Step 1: First of all make sure that in which url you have server error. Sometimes there is a server error, then you also get an email through Google Search Console.

Which contains complete details of Server Error. If this has not happened in your case, then the methods I have mentioned above. In that you will get to know, where is the server error. You copy that url.

Step 2: Now you come to the removal section of Google Search Console. And click on Temporary Removals.
Step 3: Now click on new request and enter your effected url by server error and click on next. Then finally click on submit request.
Note: Here the removal of your URL lasts for 6 months. After that it will automatically appear again in Google.
Step 4: The url you removed after 1 week. Submit it again now. First you will go to url inspection. And after that paste that url. Which you removed from Google. After a while the data of your url will be shown in front of you. Out of which you have to click on the Request Indexing button, in this way -
Note: Keep in mind that this process is not fast. And now is the time of COVID-19, so no more. It may take at least 24 hours to 1 week for indexing to happen. When indexing is done, your page will appear again in this way.

ठीक बा, फेर मिलेम! ("Good bye, see you again." in Bhojpuri Language).

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