Why Digital Marketing career will be having cut-throat competition in future in 2021?

Digital Marketing is sunrise industry their are many opportunities and major problems in this field, we are going to discuss the competitive edge of the market that is being untold or get disguised in the lighting of the Internet era. I am going to explain the competition increasing in the digital marketing profession.
digital marketing career in 2021
We are here to discuss on the competition going to increase in future with increasing technological advancement in technology. Yet, it is certain that digital marketing industry will increase employment opportunities and it will give great economic boost to manufacturing industry.

1. Competition With Traditional Marketing Platforms:-

If you think you can get a high standards income then you are wrong because digital marketing will going to get stiff competition from traditional marketing managements. Traditional Marketing channels are facing tough rivalry, so if you notice the cost of traditional marketing channels have down drastically this year because of lockdown and use alternatives advertising choices. To face challenges have also grossed down their profit margins, and this does not only involve newspapers, road side banners, radio stations, but also main stream media like TV channels and others. It is not easy for clients to adapt and rely on new marketing styles in place of customary marketing gateways. Basically all customary advertising platforms are providing cheaper advertising, but they cannot be able to target the selected audience as compared to digital marketing channels. Despite investing in new ad channels the majority of medium companies are still relying on old-fashioned advertising ways.

2. Increase Of Cyber Fraud Or Cyber Crime:-

Increase of cyber crime has become a serious issue and people have started taking it more concisely then before. The main reason behind this is police incompatibility to catch the criminals and punish them. Majority of the victims does not get their money back or any type compensation. Many developing countries don't have proper laws in constitution and does not consider cyber crime as a crime. Specially South-Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Shri Lanka , Nepal , Bangladesh , Bhutan and many countries are there which even don't overcome the concept of the Internet. Because, of these reasons M.S.M.E are not taking interest in spending on digital marketing. According to a study by Mobile Marketer Association India ( M.M.A)

" Marketers are losing almost 20% of their digital advertising budgets to ad fraud "

3. Lack of awareness or misguidance:-

Here i will only talk about xennials they get easily misguided, and there are many xennials treat technology as taboo. But when it comes to choice careers xennials force their siblings to choose any Non-IT related career. Many people do not have the simple knowledge about the computer and internet , even some people considered some career as gambler career specially affiliate marketer. Some religion such as ISLAM does not allow girls to enroll in IT related career, especially in SOUTH-ASIAN countries. Some people still think marketing is a waste of money and time according to their point of view it is something can be afforded by only big industrialist not small business owners.

4. Monopoly Of Advertising Giants:-

Big tech giants are creating competition because of their monopoly they do not allow other companies to enter the market by creating monopoly by unethical ways. I am talking about Facebook, Google, Amazon and Instagram. If you observe 2 of these companies owned by Facebook inc and many other platforms advertising owned by google such as adsense, admob, and Google Ads the cost of these services controlled by google. If any digital marketing agency will charge any commission customer will directly invest in these services instead of approaching through digital marketing agency. This is not only about google but same with Facebook and other advertising platforms.

5. E-commerce:-

For any manufacturer e-commerce site are useful, yet for digital marketing industry it may be harmful. Many e-commerce sites like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, alibaba, aliexpress, and many more provide free listing as well as affiliate marketing option which can be the main threat to A Digital Marketing companies. Advertisement on these sites will be cheaper to compare to the cost of digital marketing agencies, however this will give the job opportunity to a individual digital marketer but not the whole agency.

6. Freelancers:-

These peoples creating a significant competition for every branch of computer for example hiring a freelancer will hardly cost you $59 on the other hand if we will hire a company it can cost above $99.

Things to remember before pursuing digital marketing as a career and competiton already existed which was disguised beyond the lighting and shining of the profits generated by the companies and firms. The success of digital marketing industry you know and the struggle you don't know.

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Editor:- Gitesh Sharma (About)

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