Download Republic Day Wishing Script Premium for Blogger/WordPress and Earn Money - 26 January

Hello friends, today I will give you  complete information about Republic Day Wishing Script for Blogger 2021. Friends, there will always be a question in your mind that whether  money can be earned from Republic Day Wishing Script, the answer is yes! You can earn a lot of money by sharing it with your friends and relatives, so the full information is given below and read it carefully and earn money using Republic Day Wishing Script.

Republic Day Wishing Script 2021

Friends, this Wishing Script is very advanced and attractive in which you have many PNG and GIF images, which makes this Wishing Script 2021 to a great extent Advance script. Because Images and Gif Images are very much liked by all people, therefore the chances of Viral of this Wishing Script are also very high.

Latest  Feature of Republic Day Wishing Script: -

  1. Republic Day Script is very good looking.
  2. You can place 3 Ads in Republic Day Script.
  3. You   can easily set up Republic Day in Blogger.
  4. You can change any photo of Republic Day Script very easily.
  5. Republic Day  you can share it on WhatsAppFacebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

How to install Republic Day Wishing Script  : -

Method 1:

To install this Republic Day Wishing Script, you have to follow these steps given below. 
  1. First you have to download Republic Day Wishing Script from our link.
  2. Now you have to edit Republic Day Script by opening notepad++ or any other html editor
  3. Now you have to remove our Share link and link to your website have to give.
  4. Now will have to place your Ads Code in place of other Google AdSense alternative ads network, which will be your earning
  5. Now you open and create a new blog.
  6. Now go to Theme option and click on edit html and select the html you want to delete and delete it completely
  7. Now paste your edited html there
  8. Now click on Save

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Method 2:

  1. You can go to and login. 
  2. Once you login GitHub Page, Go to my GitHub page and copy my code from my repository. You can also fork it.
  3. You can change repository name, other wise set it default. 
  4. Change file name index.html, if not.
  5. Now go to your repository settings and set it as GitHub page and then click save.
  6. Wait for 2 minutes, for completing the process. And then click on your web address. Example:
Now this Republic Day Wishing Script for Blogger 2021 is completely ready, now you can share it with your friends relatives and you can earn money by going viral as soon as possible.

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