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Top 5 New Effective SEO Strategies, To Getting You The Top of Google Search

Now, we are talking about Effective SEO. We all know that there is no rocket science so that your article can be ranked immediately.
top 5 seo techniques to get in top of SERPs for Beginners
But now you will say that there are many websites which rank. Let me clear to you that we are still in the beginning.

It is up to us how hard we work. Also, keep in mind that content is king. Remaining Google SEO or SEO and internal linking are important in their place.

Now we can talk about our topic, Top 5 New Effective SEO Strategies, To Getting You the Top of Google Search through Chrome home page. 

Let's start...

Search by Photos (Google My Business)

Search business by your photos Search by Photos (Google My Business)
This section has recently been added by Google on its Chrome home page. You too can take advantage of this.

First, you should post some images on your business page related to your product.

Secondly, whenever you upload your post on Google My Business, be careful that you set alt tags, image captions and rename your images or products.

You can see it in the "search by photos" section of the Google Chrome home page, something like this.

Grow with Short videos

Grow with Short videos - Grab traffic on your blog & website with Short video  Angel Rai short video comedy musician song
The time that is going on now is such that no one wants to waste their time. In such a situation, the most difficult thing is to explain your point to someone.

Right now the way short videos are playing, makes me think that it is very easy to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others.

And now even Google's Chrome has started showing short videos on the home page.
If you want a guide on how to make a short video, then definitely tell in the comment. And I also have a short video made, you can check.

Web Stories (Like Status of Social Media) 

Web Stories (Like Status of Social Media)  iDiva Stories - Katrina Kaif
Web stories are very right, in this, you can keep your business updated daily. My favorite in web stories is affiliate marketing because you will be in connection with your customers and visitors and will also earn some money. Recently, Chrome is also including this on its home page. 

Be aware that if this is a status then it will remain for a short time. I have already written a post on this for WordPress. You can read it.

YouTube videos

YouTube videos in Google's Chrome home page
Set up your YouTube videos with proper keywords, timestamp, description, and caption.

More beneficial of Keyword or Timestamp (Chapter Tag) 

Timestamp is a way to link to a specific moment in your video. Often, users will bounce or navigate away from video content if it is not what they are looking for. By adding a timestamp, you can improve retention by directing users to the most relevant portion of your video from the outset.
YouTube video timestamp or chapter for SEO
Keywords have very important to get your video in SERPs. At the interface of Google Search Result Pages, Google including YouTube videos with specific timeline on his Result pages. 

Cameos on Google

Adah Sharma answered top questions Rachel Brathen Yoga Girl answered top questions on Google
Cameos on Google lets you record and post video answers to the most asked questions on Google.
  • Answer in your own style: Amplify your presence on Google with videos in your personal voice.
  • At your leisure: Use your phone to find, choose, and answer top questions from Search users.
  • Stay relevant and fresh: Get new questions regularly to help your content stay current and timely.
Important: Cameos on Google is available by invitation only. (Get on Google Play Store & Apple iOS

This is part of "Posts on Google" platform which has been slowly rolling out over the past few years, giving some people and organizations the ability to post directly to Google’s search result pages.

This is available only for who have an knowledge graph or knowledge panel on Google Search Result pages.

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  3. What about people who have interests in literature how they can rank their sites?

    1. Woow, In the literature you can easily ranked in SERPs. Because here's very low competition. Use Low volume keywords, schema data and tag with Wikipedia or Literature Website.

  4. Hey thanks for this information it's really helpful

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    1. Don't be too smart, you are not going to get any backlink by doing this. The opposite will affect your website. And your website will stop ranking.

  6. How to make short videos?if we have a YouTube channel can linking it to the website will help?

    1. Hey Suchismita, I will try to write an article on this topic deeply.
      But if you want to know more about YouTube Shorts video please read it.. https://blog.youtube/news-and-events/building-youtube-shorts/

      Watch it.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JioYbafBz8w

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  7. Nice article,write the comprehensive article about keywords research and how many keywords we should use in
    one blogspot?

    1. Hello Naz, Thank you for giving me this ideas. I will try to write on this. If you want to know more about keywords research, please search "Keyword Research" on my blog.
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