Jio Phone Next : What is Pragati OS?

In today's post, we will talk about what is Pragati OS (Pragati Operating System) and why it was named Pragati OS (Pragati Operating System) and why it is being used in Jio Phone Next. Pragati Operating System Android Base is a world class operating system specially designed for India.
Jio Phone Next : What is Pragati OS?
Image: JioPhone Next, Times of India
Pragati is a Hindi word that means process or developed mode. Now coming to the point, what is Pragati OS?

What is Pragati OS?

Pragati OS is an operating system developed by Jio with Google. This is specially or specifically designed for Indian users.
Pragati OS's experience will be very similar to using an Android Go or Android operating system. 
Pragati OS is the name of Android-based operating system used in the Jio Phone Next, which is Reliance Jio’s latest low-cost smartphone. Based on the Android 11 Go edition, the Pragati OS comes with many exciting features for first-time smartphone buyers. Jio says the Pragati OS has been designed in collaboration with Google and has been made to suit the needs of Indian consumers.
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