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Don't Do This Again, Google Spam Link Has Been Updated

In today's blog post, we will talk that the spam link has been updated by Google. The rumor that is being spread about that, intimidating bloggers or affiliate marketers, is it true? And what is the way to stop it?
Google Link Spam Update and type of links
It has been told in Google Search Central Blog that if this update given by Google has not already been implemented on your link, then he will consider that link as spam.

Simply, in this update it has been told that the link, you are adding on your website or blog. What is the relation of that link to your blog or website?
Earlier there were two types of links: first, nofollow and second, dofollow. But now Google has introduced a new link, which is named Sponsored. Now you must be thinking, what is the problem with this? So let's understand about it one by one. And also let's see about its tag, what is its solution?

What is nofollow link? 

Through this link, the blogger wants to tell that, I have given the link of thisgi content, but I do not trust it. In technical terms, search engines are told that you will not rank this link through my page.
The nofollow tag tells search engines to ignore that link.

What is dofollow link?

Dofollow link is the link through which content writer blogger or publisher wants to tell Google search engine or Googlebot that you can visit this link and trust it.
In the case of this link, Googlebot or any search engine bot, recommends your site to be shown in the search engine to the page to which this link is being sent.

What is affiliate links? 

Sponsorship link, you can display when selling any item. On my own blog, I sell a product of Amazon, then it becomes mandatory there, that we give the tag of sponsorship. Because we are doing affiliate product or marketing something.
The tag of sponsorship also applies to guest posts. Whenever you take or give a guest post from someone, it is necessary to have a sponsorship tag in it. If you want, you can also hit the tag of nofollow in it. It depends on your guest, how much you trust them.

What is ugc link?

As the name suggests, this is user generated content that you are linking to. It is equally found in a comment box or in a community forum.
Now we know that, on your site, if manual action is taken by google, then how to avoid this link? Because Google has given strict instructions in its blog post, that if you do not follow the update of Google spam link, then you can be given manual action.

How to Remove Spam Links from Google? (Ever since google spam link update came.) 

The simplest answer is to replace the link below with that link in your HTML.
I think this update only affects the link on which you are selling a product i.e. Affiliate website, Comments or Community forum (Quora or Stack Overflow).

1. For Affiliate Link: On an affiliate and shopping site, you'd tag something like

<a href="http://www.example.com/" rel="sponsored">Example</a>

2. For UGC: User generated content means that the site is being worked like a forum, you will tag it in this way

<a href="http://www.example.com/" rel="ugc">Comments or Forums</a>

If you need this solution in Blogger, then you will be using the above mentioned tag, in the form of HTML. 

And if this solution is needed in your WordPress site, then you should update the editor of your WordPress site. Then when you write the post, and go to the link option, then you will start showing the option of something like this.
From Mr. Vyas
If you want, you can also watch our video in which it was told about the spam ink update of Google.
If you think a link has been given on other's blog or website in pad and affiliate then you can report to Google on this form.

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