Google's Area 120 launched CamScanner alternative Stack: PDF Scanner, download APK here

On Mar 30, 2021Google launched CamScanner's alternative PDF Scanner application for Android called Stack, which makes scanning and organising of documents very easy. This application is built by Google’s Area 120 team that is known for developing experimental apps.
Google's Area 120 - Stack: PDF Scanner & Documents Organiser Logo

What is Google Stack?

Stack is a document scanner app, which is developed by Google's Area120. And it's organised documents in form of digitalize as per the user’s requirements. Stack uses a technology called DocAI (Document AI) developed by Google that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to automate document scanning.
Google's Area 120 - Stack: PDF Scanner Features

Feature of Google's Stack App

Get rid of paper clutter with Stack. Stack is a PDF scanner, document organizer, and detail finder. All in one.

Scan with your phone

Scan your bills, receipts, and more into PDFs. Or import documents from the camera roll. Either way, your documents have a new home.

Make organizing easy

Stack automatically names and organizes your documents into useful categories

Never miss a detail

Stack finds important details in your document (like “total amount due”) and makes them easy to access

Private and secure

Stack uses Google’s world-class security to protect your data. You can also turn on fingerprint or face lock for extra peace of mind.

Automatic Back Up

Stack can back up all your documents to Google Drive

Document search

Stack allows you to search all your documents with OCR. 

How to download Stack: PDF Scanner + Document Organizer APK?

If you live in the US (United States of America), you can easily download this app from the Google Play Store. And if you live outside of America in any other country, then you can download and use the app as mentioned below.

Note: Free (Stack has no ads or in-app purchases), The app only works on Android phones running on Android 7 or higher.

  • Download the Stack APK from here.
  • Now go to the Security settings and Enable Download from Unknown Sources.
  • You will have to give permission to a specific app to download and install apps from external sources. In this case, it will be your browser.

Once the Google Stack APK is downloaded. Just install it on your Android device and you are ready to go.

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