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Don't short your domain, website and blog URL, is not better for your seo and website ranking

URL shorter is not better for rankings and seo - gitesh geeky
Google's John Mueller answered an issue within the Google Hangout at the 19 minutes mark about is it better to travel with short or long URLs. We all know Google said doesn't re-evaluate 2,000 characters in your URL and that we know Google may attempt to shorten your URLs over time. In short (no pun intended), John Mueller said that when Google notices two URLs on a site with an equivalent content, it'll tend to travel with the shorter URL.
What definitely plays a roll here is when we have two URLs that have the same content, and we try to pick one to show in the search results, www ill pick the short one. So that is specifically around canonicalization.

It doesn’t mean it is a ranking factor, but it means if we have two URLs and one is really short and sweet and this other one has this long parameter attached to it and we know they show exactly the same content we will try to pick the shorter one.

There are lots of exceptions there, different factors that come into play, but everything else being equal - you have a shorter one and a longer one, we will try to pick the shorter one.                                                                                  ~ John Mueller 

Google's John Mueller said that having a shorter name or a shorter URL isn't getting to benefit you in terms of your SEO and ranking in Google Search. He said on Twitter "domain name or URL length isn't an element , adding that "shorter isn't better for SEO."

He also said "I can see how people might like short & sweet domain names, but there's definitely no SEO bonus attached to them like that."

There is one other point he made that Google uses "length lightly for canonicalization, but that's choosing between 2 versions of an equivalent thing (eg, /home/ vs /home/index.html)."

Google has said in the past that URL length is anything but a positioning variable yet said to attempt to hold it under 2,000 characters at one point as expected.

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